Don’t risk taking advice from Dr Google!

Get real advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the team of highly qualified and experienced veterinary professionals at PetCheck 24/7. You could avoid a costly emergency vet visit just by talking to us.

It's the tele-health service used by veterinary practices across Australia and New Zealand for their own clients.

Why PetCheck 24/7 is the one to choose?

When you make an appointment with PetCheck 24/7, you'll get access to advice from our experienced team of qualified veterinary professionals at anytime of the day or night. They’ll triage your pet’s problem and in the majority of cases, give you the reassurance you need to wait and visit your usual clinic in the morning or resolve the problem without a vet visit being required. In a true emergency they’ll help you locate your nearest vet emergency centre. For all your other pet care management needs, download the FREE PetCheck App.

Don’t worry about your pet, get the advice you need and peace of mind right now for just $110.

Have a Video Consultation with a vet with PetCheck 24/7

PetCheck 24/7
Video Consultations

Veterinary advice from a PetCheck 24/7 Vet

$ 110
per consultation

FREE to register, ready for when you need a consultation

Any browser - any device

Secure Medechat™ platform

Screen sharing for images and video of your pet

Summary emailed to you

Free Pet Care Management App

Pet Care App

Manage your pets details and pet care in one place

no in-app purchases

Store all your Pets Information

Manage all your Pets Contacts

Schedule Appointment Alerts

Schedule Medicine Alerts

Illness Detection

Talk to a Vet Nurse with PetCheck 24/7


PetCheck 24/7
Vet Nurse Call App

Unlimited calls to the PetCheck 24/7 Vet Nurses

$ 29.99
per month

Unlimited Calls

Experienced Vet Nurses

Available 24/7

Cancel Anytime

iPhone & Android

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How does it work?

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