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Wondering what to do when there is something wrong with your pet can be very stressful, especially if it's after hours or you are away from home. Don’t worry, get peace of mind by booking a video consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and talk to a real veterinary professional about your concerns. It may be nothing, but it may be something and PetCheck 24/7 can help you.

Let a Vet help you make the right decision for your pet.

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1. Register

Create an account on PetCheck's Medechat™ Tele-health Platform. No payment is required until you make an appointment so create an account now so you are ready when you need assistance.

2. Book an Appointment

Enter your credit card details and then follow the prompts to choose a vet and book a time that suits you from the available times shown. Follow the prompts to book the appointment.

3. Join the Video Consultation

At the appointment time, have your pet ready and follow the prompts to join the video appointment. Have any information about the problem your pet is having ready for the vet to assist you.

Watch how easy making an appointment on Medechat™ is!

Why choose a PetCheck 24/7 tele-health consultation?

Yes, there are other veterinary tele-health services out there but we believe that PetCheck 24/7 is the best. So do the many veterinary practices across Australia and New Zealand that use the Medechat™ platform themselves. They also use PetCheck 24/7 as an after hours service for their own clients as they trust our vets and vet nurses.

After Hours Advice

Having a sick or injured pet is stressful so don't worry overnight, get professional advice when your usual practice is closed.

Is it an Emergency?

Not sure if your pets problem is an emergency? They can advise if the issue can wait until the morning, saving you expensive after hours fees.

Can't Get to a Vet?

If you are unable to leave home, can't transport your pet or are on holiday with your pet, you can get still get veterinary advice 24/7.

Less Stress on Your Pet

Getting advice from home is less stressful for your pet than a clinic visit, especially if it's for an issue that doesn't require a physical examination.

Easy to Book & Consult

It's easy to book and talk to a vet via video on Medechat™, you can share images and video and you receive a summary of your appointment by email to send your own vet.

Safe & Secure Platform

Medechat™, is owned by PetCheck 24/7 and is a safe and secure tele-health platform that is trusted and used by veterinary practices across Australia and New Zealand.

Make a PetCheck 24/7 tele-health appointment!

Be prepared and create an free account now with your pets details, ready for when you need us.

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