PetCheck 24/7 Vet Nurse Call App

Why PetCheck 24/7 is the Pet App to choose?

With PetCheck 24/7 you'll have 60+ experienced vet nurses waiting for your call, ready to help your pet. Our vet nurses are the same trusted team that vet practices across Australia & New Zealand divert their calls to after hours and on public holidays.

Our friendly vet nurses will triage your pet’s problem and in the majority of cases, give you the reassurance you need to wait for your usual vet in the morning, saving you costly emergency centre fees. They may even resolve the problem without a vet visit being required. If vet advice is required they may transfer you to a video consult with a PetCheck 24/7 vet. If your pet needs to be seen immediately, they’ll help you locate your nearest veterinary emergency centre.

Don’t worry about your pet, call us and get the advice you need anytime of the day or night.

Download the PetCheck 24/7 App now, ready for when you need us.

Register your interest in the Android version and we'll let know when as soon as it's available.

Why choose the PetCheck 24/7 Call App?

Yes, there are other veterinary tele-health services out there but we believe that PetCheck 24/7 is the best. So do the many veterinary practices across Australia and New Zealand that use the Medechat™ platform themselves. They also use PetCheck 24/7 as an after hours service for their own clients as they trust our vets and vet nurses.

After Hours Advice

Having a sick or injured pet is stressful so don't worry, get professional advice day or night when your usual practice is closed or you don't have one.

Is it an Emergency?

Not sure if your pets problem is an emergency? They can advise if the issue can wait until the morning, saving you expensive after hours fees.

Can't Get to a Vet?

If you can't leave home or transport your pet or are on holiday with your pet, you can get still get advice 24/7. They'll help you find an emergency centre if required, where ever you are.

Less Stress on Your Pet

Getting advice from home is less stressful for your pet than a clinic visit, especially if it's for an issue that doesn't require a physical examination.

Easy to Call

There's no login and no accounts. Simply push the big green call button, start your subscription and the next available vet nurse will answer your call.

Safe & Secure Platform

Your subscription is managed by Apple and is safe and secure. You can cancel your subscription at anytime like any other App from the App store.

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